The journal ends here, since John Adams died on July 4, 1826. Coincidentally, he died exactly fifty years after the Declaration was signed. He also died on the same day as Thomas Jefferson, another key player in the United States’ battle for independence.

Although many believe Adams to be a minor character in the events of early America, his role was incredibly significant. He made a prototype for written Constitutions (prior to America’s written document, many nations favored a more organic, unwritten code). He nominated George Washington to be the Commander-in-Chief during the Revolutionary War – a decision that had a profound effect upon the United States. During his presidency, Adams avoided war with France – a war that would have been catastrophic for the nation’s developing economy.

In his personal life, Adams was not such a great example for future generations. Although he was devoted to his wife and children, he was a proud, stubborn, and vain man. These character flaws affected his reputation as a delegate and as a president, because the people were afraid that he was too unpredictable to be a good leader.

Nevertheless, John Adams had a great affect on American government and politics – an effect that still impacts our lives today. While some aspects of his personality were regrettable, his good influence on the foundations of our government cannot be denied.


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